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Navigating Expectations

Online Exclusives Jack Pelikan Apr 22, 2019

Internal auditors can use a multifaceted approach to manage the diverse needs of stakeholders. 

​Aesop’s Fable, “The Miller, His Son, and Their Donkey,” recounts the trio’s perilous journey to the market where, along the way, the man and his son face various criticisms for each of their decisions. First, they are chided as foolish and wasteful for walking, and then lazy and cruel for riding. In a desperate attempt to quell the second criticism, they decide to carry the animal only to lose it in the river. The moral is that it is impossible to please everyone given the diversity of opinions, and that attempting to do so can be a fruitless endeavor. 

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Jack Pelikan


Jack Pelikan is a senior director of internal audit at Caleres Inc. in St. Louis.