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When Fraud Experts Go Bad

Articles ​Art Stewart Dec 04, 2019

What would motivate a respected authority on money laundering to try his hand at committing the crime?

​A professor may have learned the wrong lessons from his decades of research on organized crime. U.S. federal prosecutors say Bruce Bagley, an expert on money laundering and corruption, laundered $3 million that foreign individuals had obtained through bribes and embezzlement, National Public Radio reports.

Culture of Ethics: Part 1

The potential for unethical behavior looms over nearly every workplace. In the latest #AuditChannel video, a distinguished expert panel explores how the intersection of ethics and culture sheds light on everyday decision-making.

​Art Stewart

Art Stewart is an independent management consultant with more than 35 years of experience in internal audit, financial management, performance measurement, governance, and strategic policy planning.​​​