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Write for an Internal Auditor Magazine Department

Manuscripts having a narrow focus are often better suited for Internal Auditor departments. Potential authors should review back issues of the magazine to determine editorial format and style. For additional guidance, contact one of the editors listed below. Current departments include:

Basics: Those wishing to share information about introductory-level audit topics are encouraged to contribute to this department. Articles should focus on a fundamental aspect of the audit process and provide guidance for beginning auditors. Send your submissions (approximately 1,200 words) to Contributing Editor James Roth.

Fraud: These accounts describe significant cases of fraud and techniques of fraud deterrence and control. Anonymity is granted to writers who request it. Submissions should be approximately 1,200 words and sent to Contributing Editor Grant Wahlstrom. The articles are presented as a narrative with fictional names. All articles should include four or five lessons learned at the end. See example.

Tech: This department provides auditors with information and best practices regarding IT risks, cybersecurity, analytics, and integrating technology into internal audit operations. Articles feature tips from auditors and accounts of how practitioners have used digital tools and techniques. Submissions should be 1,200 words and sent to Contributing Editor Steve Mar.

Risk: Authors are encouraged to share emerging risk issues and best practices from their own audit experiences. Articles should focus on a particular risk and explain how auditors can address or help the organization manage that risk. Submissions should be approximately 1,200 words and sent to Contributing Editor Rachel Brueggen.

IAm: Internal auditors lead interesting lives outside of their work, and we want to learn about yours. Do you have a fun hobby, play a sport or music, travel to unique places, or pursue interesting activities? Then, tell us your story in about 180 words. Contact Assistant Editor Trinity Curbelo to learn how.