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Apr 30
Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: The Agility Imperative

Auditors can help financial firms become agile.

Jul 10
Neil Hodge Blazing New Business Trails

Emerging industries create new internal audit challenges.

Dec 19
​Logan Wamsley The Value of Experience

​Hiring older workers can benefit financial firms.

Aug 26
​Logan Wamsley The Boiling Point of Staffing

​Financial firms face hot competition for employees.

Aug 11
​Logan Wamsley Staffing Challenged

​Government audit functions struggle to hire talent.

Nov 18
The IIA Starting Small

​​Launching a one-person audit function takes patience, focus, and relationship building.

Digital Magazine

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Apr 05
Collin Brooks Tech: The Risks and Rewards of ChatGPT

Generative AI can boost internal audit's performance.

Apr 04
James C. Paterson Risk: The Root of the Matter

A disciplined approach to root cause analysis.

Apr 04
Anna Kon Fraud: Tenders in the Wind

Flawed procurement leads to a bidding scheme.

Apr 04
The Institute of Internal Auditors Update: Coming Soon: The First Topical Requirement

Catch up with The IIA's latest news.

Apr 04
William Crane Partners in Privacy

Collaborating for better data privacy coverage.

Apr 04
The Institute of Internal Auditors Viewpoints: Culture Is the New Strategy

What are signs of a positive culture?


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May 20
Michael J. Lynn IAm Michael Lynn

An auditor with a talent for comedy.

May 16
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: We Have a Lane?

Don't constrain internal audit.

May 08
Harold Silverman On the Frontlines: Telling Our Story

We must raise awareness of internal audit.

May 06
Larry Kowlessar Building a Better Auditor: Making A Difference

Focus on the organization’s value.

May 02
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: It's Time to Start a Movement

We progress together or remain stagnant.

Apr 29
Daniel Glenn On the Frontlines: AI in Talent Management

AI can help determine employee skills gaps.

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