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Nov 18
The IIA Starting Small

​​Launching a one-person audit function takes patience, focus, and relationship building.

Oct 05
The IIA A Comprehensive Talent Strategy

​Several financial services practitioners share their approaches to finding, nurturing, and keeping internal audit talent.

Sep 29
Neil Hodge A Limited View

Misconceptions about internal audit’s role and capabilities prevent boards from appreciating the full value of the profession.

Aug 31
Mike Jacka Control, Freedom, and Trust

​Creativity and innovation come from trusting staff.

Aug 19
Christine Janesko ​Collaboration as a Control

A CISO and a senior audit leader discuss how a good rapport between information security and internal audit can improve organizational cybersecurity.

Jun 22
​Logan Wamsley Reputation Is Everything

Assessing and managing reputational risk is essential to organizational well-being.

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Mar 09
Jami Shine Seth Peterson Getting Personal

​Building relationships can improve internal audit effectiveness.

Feb 28
Anthony Pugliese CEO Message: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

For every disruption, we've discovered a new opportunity.

Feb 21
Israel Sadu Advancing Climate Action

The organization's climate change journey.

Feb 21
Neil Hodge A Brave New World

Organizations are adjusting to a different work environment

Feb 21
Anna Kon Going Green

​Contradicting data leads to fraud at a biomass plant.

Feb 21
Diane Sears Attracting the Next Generation

​Passing the torch to the next generation.


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Oct 05
The IIA Mind of Jacka: Two Days Off

​Rule-following doesn't always translate to good management.

Oct 03
Irina Stefanova Building a Better Auditor: Gaining Fresh Perspectives from Mentorships and Networking

​Becoming a better auditor through peer relationships.

Sep 28
Tahsinur Rahim Nas Linhas de Frente: Nem Todas as Descobertas São Ruins

Tahsinur Rahim em 20 de outubro de 2021

Sep 28
Cátia Silva On the Frontlines: Internal Audit's Role in Tackling Climate Change

Agents of change in mitigating climate change.

Sep 26
Hassan Khayal En primera línea: Una auditoría interna preparada para el futuro

Las funciones de auditoría interna deben ser adaptables, tecnológicamente inteligentes y enfocadas en el futuro.

Sep 26
​​​Maja ​​Milosavljevic En primera línea: Cuando un líder de auditoría cambia tus hallazgos

En el trabajo del día a día de los auditores internos, a veces sucede que un gerente de auditoría realiza cambios en los hallazgos de auditoría redactados.

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