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Dec 19
​Logan Wamsley The Value of Experience

​Hiring older workers can benefit financial firms.

Aug 26
​Logan Wamsley The Boiling Point of Staffing

​Financial firms face hot competition for employees.

Aug 11
​Logan Wamsley Staffing Challenged

​Government audit functions struggle to hire talent.

Nov 18
The IIA Starting Small

​​Launching a one-person audit function takes patience, focus, and relationship building.

Oct 05
The IIA A Comprehensive Talent Strategy

​Several financial services practitioners share their approaches to finding, nurturing, and keeping internal audit talent.

Sep 29
Neil Hodge A Limited View

Misconceptions about internal audit’s role and capabilities prevent boards from appreciating the full value of the profession.

Digital Magazine

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Feb 06
Steve Richard Siddharth Goyal The Digital Frontier

Internal audit's analytics help organizations envision transformation.

Feb 06
David Salierno The Big Idea: Explainable AI Pulls Back the Curtain on Machine-made Decisions

XAI makes AI decision-making more transparent.

Feb 06
​James Roth The Five Attributes Approach

The five attributes approach is a critical discipline.

Feb 06
The IIA Viewpoints: The Year Ahead

Benito Ybarra and Tom Sanglier talk trends.

Feb 06
Norman Marks Another Set of Eyes

CAEs can help assess external audit performance.

Feb 06
Grant Wahlstrom Help Wanted

Failure to implement controls results in hiring questionable employees.


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Mar 28
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: The Change You Seek to Make

TED Talk rules apply to any communication.

Mar 21
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: An Uncomfortable Question

Would clients pay for internal audit's services?

Mar 17
Heather Morrow IAm Heather Morrow

Raising children sharpens your negotiating skills.

Mar 06
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Prompt Versus Remind

Using reports to prompt clients is backward.

Mar 03
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Room 101

Why it's important to acknowledge our fears.

Feb 15
Hillel Judasin Building a Better Auditor: 'Tell Me Something I Didn't Know'

What senior leaders really want to know.

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