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Jul 10
Neil Hodge Blazing New Business Trails

Emerging industries create new internal audit challenges.

Dec 19
​Logan Wamsley The Value of Experience

​Hiring older workers can benefit financial firms.

Aug 26
​Logan Wamsley The Boiling Point of Staffing

​Financial firms face hot competition for employees.

Aug 11
​Logan Wamsley Staffing Challenged

​Government audit functions struggle to hire talent.

Nov 18
The IIA Starting Small

​​Launching a one-person audit function takes patience, focus, and relationship building.

Oct 05
The IIA A Comprehensive Talent Strategy

​Several financial services practitioners share their approaches to finding, nurturing, and keeping internal audit talent.

Digital Magazine

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Jan 26
Israel Sadu Risk: Fraud Behind the Facade

Sustainability reports may miss climate-related fraud risks.

Jan 26
David Salierno The Big Idea: Benefiting Employee Needs

Employers adapt benefits to diverse workforce needs.

Jan 26
Neil Hodge The Standards at Work

Applying the Standards shows internal audit's value.

Jan 26
Abbas Al Lawati Tech: Navigating the Digital Seas

IT audits ensure technology operations are efficient.

Jan 26
​Arthur Piper The Five Domains: A Deep Dive

Exploring the structure of the new Standards.

Jan 26
The Institute of Internal Auditors Viewpoints: The View From Here

Michael Levy and Sally-Anne Pitt predict trends.


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Feb 23
David O'Regan Building a Better Auditor: Auditing and the Socratic Tradition

Collaboration is central to internal auditing.

Feb 21
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: If You Could Change One Thing

Initiating change: confronting fear, embracing innovation.

Feb 07
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Quit Reading This Blog

Foster innovation through diverse reading sources.

Feb 07
Meghan Boyd Building a Better Auditor: Empathy in Audit

Practical steps to developing more empathy.

Jan 30
Helen Li IAm Helen Li

If you’re tangled up, just tango on

Jan 24
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Reflection Can Happen Any Time

2023 reflections, challenging the norms, and improving.

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