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Jul 10
Neil Hodge Blazing New Business Trails

Emerging industries create new internal audit challenges.

Dec 19
​Logan Wamsley The Value of Experience

​Hiring older workers can benefit financial firms.

Aug 26
​Logan Wamsley The Boiling Point of Staffing

​Financial firms face hot competition for employees.

Aug 11
​Logan Wamsley Staffing Challenged

​Government audit functions struggle to hire talent.

Nov 18
The IIA Starting Small

​​Launching a one-person audit function takes patience, focus, and relationship building.

Oct 05
The IIA A Comprehensive Talent Strategy

​Several financial services practitioners share their approaches to finding, nurturing, and keeping internal audit talent.

Digital Magazine

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Dec 01
Emily Primeaux The Analytics Advantage

Advanced technologies are helping auditors detect fraud.

Dec 01
Antonio Magallanes-Villamor Jr. Tech: The Security Interchange

Cybersecurity and information security are critical to data protection.

Dec 01
​​​Maja ​​Milosavljevic Risk: The Exploited Worker

Organizations must address the risk of labor exploitation.

Dec 01
Phillip W. Hurd IAm Phillip W. Hurd

Phillip Hurd thrives creating via 3D printing.

Dec 01
Rami Bareket From All Angles

Process-mining tools make audits more efficient.

Dec 01
Neil Hodge Focus on Risk

The IIA surveys the global risk landscape.


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Dec 01
Mustafa Yusuf-Adebola Building a Better Auditor: Creating A Lasting Legacy

Leaders should plan for their eventual exit.

Nov 28
Gayle Rudman IAm Gayle Rudman

Gayle Rudman's unique journey: tennis, academia, audit.

Nov 21
Anthony Pugliese Voice of the CEO: Lessons in Governance from OpenAI

OpenAI's troubles are a lesson in governance.

Nov 13
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Why, How, and Repeated Repetition

Mike Jacka explains Construal Level Theory.

Oct 30
Yulia Gurman IAm Yulia Gurman

Yulia Gurman enjoys helping her community.

Oct 17
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Wake Me When It’s Over

Jacka offers pro tips on presentations.

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