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Jul 22
Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: Internal Audit’s Independence Conundrum

Government auditors face independence and objectivity challenges.

Jul 18
Tim McCollum Online Exclusive: Internal Auditor Honors Top Authors

Heggen and Wahlstrom receive writing awards.

May 23
​Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: On Their Own With AI

State and local governments pursue AI regulations.

Apr 30
Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: The Agility Imperative

Auditors can help financial firms become agile.

Apr 10
Emily Primeaux Online Exclusive: A New Climate of Disclosures

The SEC approves climate disclosure rules.

Mar 14
Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: Beware the Election Windfall

Election year budget boosts may be temporary.

Digital Magazine

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Jun 04
Neil Hodge The Fraudsters Have AI, Too

AI-powered deepfake fraud threatens financial security.

Jun 04
Marie C. Dunbar Basics: Taking Stock

Inventory audits are crucial to supply chain management.

Jun 04
David Salierno The Big Idea: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome can derail career aspirations.

Jun 04
Bright (Yue) Hong Michael Ly Hui Lin Tech: Risky Bots

Despite RPA's benefits, managing its risks is imperative.

Jun 04
Matej Draŝĉek Adriana Rejc Buhovac Sculpting A Sustainable Strategy

Strategy is the foundation for ESG activities.

May 31
The Institute of Internal Auditors Update: Punish the Messenger

Whistleblower retaliation, CAEs and GenAl, and social media risks.

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