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Jan 23
Jonathan Ngah The Responsive Organization

​​Internal audit can create value by helping management adapt to the changing business environment.

Dec 02
​Logan Wamsley Internal Audit Considerations for the “Spend Now” Public Sector

Public sector auditors and the new U.S. infrastructure fuding.

Oct 04
​Jonathon Angell Conducting Executive Risk Workshops

​Internal audit can facilitate discussions among senior leadership to identify areas of concern and ensure priorities are aligned.

Aug 01
The IIA Update: The Intelligent Automation Barrier

​​Lack of clear strategy inhibits adoption of audit technology.

Jul 19
The IIA Newswire

​The latest news headlines on issues and developments affecting the internal audit profession.

Jul 06
Neil Hodge A Standard Approach

With internal audit’s help, companies can realize the benefits of adopting nonfinancial disclosure standards, says the SASB’s Jeffrey Hales.

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Feb 28
Anthony Pugliese CEO Message: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

For every disruption, we've discovered a new opportunity.

Feb 21
Israel Sadu Advancing Climate Action

The organization's climate change journey.

Feb 21
Diane Sears Attracting the Next Generation

​Passing the torch to the next generation.

Feb 21
Clarissa Lucas Agile Auditing Using Scrum Techniques

​Auditors deliver more value with increased agility.

Feb 21
Alisanne Gilmore Allen Targeting Fraud With Data Analytics

​Audit tools help enhance fraud risk assessments.

Feb 21
Muhammad Hassan Rizvi Data-enabled Internal Auditing

​AI and data analytics present useful opportunities.


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May 19
​Carol Bellringer On the Frontlines: Navigating Awkward Audit Findings in the Public Sector

​Speaking truth to power can be challenging.

May 18
Tomasz Smolarek Building a Better Auditor: Leadership Best Practices

​A list of leadership habits to cultivate.

Apr 28
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Will This Be On the Test?

​There is seldom one "right" answer.

Apr 20
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: What Do You Do Exceptionally Well?

​Do your team's strengths match your clients' needs?

Mar 31
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: What Would You Say…You Do Here?

​Could a machine do your work?

Mar 22
Jim Pelletier Building a Better Auditor: Four Skills Internal Auditors Should Develop Now

Four Skills Internal Auditors Should Develop Now

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With the increased interest in ESG reporting, some companies are stating that they are making more progress on environmental goals than they actually are. Experts say greenwashing is a risk that will only grow in importance — one that organizations and internal auditors need to address.

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