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Dec 09
​Logan Wamsley Auditing the Police

Audits can build trust in the police.

Sep 28
Judy Warner The IIA's Standards Are Evolving

​IIASB is reframing the internal audit Standards

Feb 03
Logan Wamsley The GDPR of ESG?

​Germany ties ESG compliance to supply chains.

Jan 23
Jonathan Ngah The Responsive Organization

​​Internal audit can create value by helping management adapt to the changing business environment.

Dec 02
​Logan Wamsley Internal Audit Considerations for the “Spend Now” Public Sector

Public sector auditors and the new U.S. infrastructure fuding.

Oct 04
​Jonathon Angell Conducting Executive Risk Workshops

​Internal audit can facilitate discussions among senior leadership to identify areas of concern and ensure priorities are aligned.

Digital Magazine

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Dec 01
Emily Primeaux The Analytics Advantage

Advanced technologies are helping auditors detect fraud.

Dec 01
Antonio Magallanes-Villamor Jr. Tech: The Security Interchange

Cybersecurity and information security are critical to data protection.

Dec 01
​​​Maja ​​Milosavljevic Risk: The Exploited Worker

Organizations must address the risk of labor exploitation.

Dec 01
Phillip W. Hurd IAm Phillip W. Hurd

Phillip Hurd thrives creating via 3D printing.

Dec 01
Rami Bareket From All Angles

Process-mining tools make audits more efficient.

Dec 01
Neil Hodge Focus on Risk

The IIA surveys the global risk landscape.


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Nov 28
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: The Root of the Problem

Getting to the root of problem reports.

Aug 28
John Hills Building a Better Auditor: Benefits of an EQA

An EQA reveals both strengths and weaknesses.

Jul 28
Noora Al Marri Building a Better Auditor: Why Internal Audit Needs a Strategic Plan

Why have an internal audit strategic plan?

Jul 26
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: False Deadlines

Eliminating arbitrary deadlines can improve quality.

Jul 20
Tahsinur Rahim On the Frontlines: Beyond the Findings

What 'no findings' could mean.

Jun 14
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: What Time Is It?

Virtual relationships call for more careful verification.

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