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Dec 09
​Logan Wamsley Auditing the Police

Audits can build trust in the police.

Sep 28
Judy Warner The IIA's Standards Are Evolving

​IIASB is reframing the internal audit Standards

Feb 03
Logan Wamsley The GDPR of ESG?

​Germany ties ESG compliance to supply chains.

Jan 23
Jonathan Ngah The Responsive Organization

​​Internal audit can create value by helping management adapt to the changing business environment.

Dec 02
​Logan Wamsley Internal Audit Considerations for the “Spend Now” Public Sector

Public sector auditors and the new U.S. infrastructure fuding.

Oct 04
​Jonathon Angell Conducting Executive Risk Workshops

​Internal audit can facilitate discussions among senior leadership to identify areas of concern and ensure priorities are aligned.

Digital Magazine

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Feb 01
Dana Lawrence IAm Dana Lawrence

Meet the incredibly inspiring Dana Lawrence.

Feb 01
The IIA Viewpoints: The Year Ahead

Benito Ybarra and Tom Sanglier talk trends.

Feb 01
Matt Kelly Untangling Tech

Organizational culture is key to tackling technology.

Feb 01
Grant Wahlstrom Help Wanted

Failure to implement controls results in hiring questionable employees.

Feb 01
Adrian Gutierrez Barrio Model Risk: A Crash Course

The financial services industry offers lessons in assessing models.

Feb 01
Steve Richard Siddharth Goyal The Digital Frontier

Internal audit's analytics help organizations envision transformation.


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Jan 09
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Fill in the Blanks

​Technology can spur innovation — or new ruts.

Dec 19
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: An Audit of the North Pole

Auditors take on Santa and the elves.

Dec 14
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: The Spaces Between

It's Important to know when to listen.

Dec 07
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Everything There Is to Know

Short observation doesn't render the full picture.

Nov 30
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Perception is a Mental Game

​Thoughts on assessing organizational mental health programs.

Nov 15
​​​Maja ​​Milosavljevic On the Frontlines: Auditing Without Evidence in Ethics Cases

How to audit word-of-mouth wrongdoing.

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