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Apr 30
Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: The Agility Imperative

Auditors can help financial firms become agile.

Feb 02
Sakthiswaran Rangaraju Online Exclusive: Reporting Transformed

Using generative AI can enhance audit reporting.

Jan 12
​Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: The Standards Clock Starts Now

Government audit functions race to implement Standards.

Dec 09
​Logan Wamsley Auditing the Police

Audits can build trust in the police.

Sep 28
Judy Warner The IIA's Standards Are Evolving

​IIASB is reframing the internal audit Standards

Feb 03
Logan Wamsley The GDPR of ESG?

​Germany ties ESG compliance to supply chains.

Digital Magazine

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Jun 04
Neil Hodge The Fraudsters Have AI, Too

AI-powered deepfake fraud threatens financial security.

Jun 04
Marie C. Dunbar Basics: Taking Stock

Inventory audits are crucial to supply chain management.

Jun 04
David Salierno The Big Idea: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome can derail career aspirations.

Jun 04
Bright (Yue) Hong Michael Ly Hui Lin Tech: Risky Bots

Despite RPA's benefits, managing its risks is imperative.

Jun 04
Matej Draŝĉek Adriana Rejc Buhovac Sculpting A Sustainable Strategy

Strategy is the foundation for ESG activities.

May 31
The Institute of Internal Auditors Update: Punish the Messenger

Whistleblower retaliation, CAEs and GenAl, and social media risks.


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Apr 04
David Dufek Building a Better Auditor: Be Lazier

Be sure your efforts correspond with risks.

Mar 12
Hillel Judasin On the Frontlines: Are You Testing Key Controls?

Not everything is a 'key' control.

Feb 01
Amiri Abdallah On the Frontlines: Move Ahead with an EQA

EQAs can help functions mature faster.

Jan 26
Melissa Polak IAm Melissa Polak

Curiosity fuels Melissa Polak's audit journey.

Nov 28
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: The Root of the Problem

Getting to the root of problem reports.

Aug 28
John Hills Building a Better Auditor: Benefits of an EQA

An EQA reveals both strengths and weaknesses.

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