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Mar 30
Benito Ybarra Step Forward

​​IIA's 2019-2020 North American Board chair, Benito Ybarra, says internal auditors can do more to enhance and protect organizational value.

Mar 17
Syeda Mehar Zehra An Eye on Compliance

​Compliance audits are vital for financial institutions.

Feb 03
Logan Wamsley The GDPR of ESG?

​Germany ties ESG compliance to supply chains.

Dec 02
​Logan Wamsley Internal Audit Considerations for the “Spend Now” Public Sector

Public sector auditors and the new U.S. infrastructure fuding.

Oct 04
​Logan Wamsley ​ESG Reporting: A Golden Opportunity

a Internal audit can cement its value to the organization by providing ESG-related consulting and assurance services.

Sep 29
Neil Hodge A Limited View

Misconceptions about internal audit’s role and capabilities prevent boards from appreciating the full value of the profession.

Digital Magazine

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Feb 21
Neil Hodge A Brave New World

Organizations are adjusting to a different work environment

Feb 21
​Kitty Kay Chan Tina Kim Auditing AI Governance

​Internal auditors should focus on governance principles.

Feb 21
Matt Kelly Welcome to the Talent Crisis

​Talent management has become a strategic issue.

Feb 21
Margaret Belden Sarah Fedele Psychological Safety in the Workplace

​Employees who feel safe are more vocal.

Feb 21
The IIA Update: Fighting the Fatigue Factor

​Latest news on ACGI, ransomware, and ESG reporting.

Jan 02
Matt Kelly The Risk Lurking in the Background: Vendor Management

​Vendor management is an ongoing partnership.


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May 19
​Carol Bellringer On the Frontlines: Navigating Awkward Audit Findings in the Public Sector

​Speaking truth to power can be challenging.

Apr 12
Laura Soileau When Opportunity Knocks, Say Yes

​Thoughts on the value of bouncing back and keeping an open mind throughout an internal audit career.​

Mar 30
Milaim Abduraimi On the Frontlines: Threats to Professional Objectivity

A variety of situations can threaten auditor objectivity.

Feb 02
Jerry Perullo On the Frontlines: The CISO and the Three Lines Model

​A look at different types of CISO structures.

Jan 21
Mike Jacka 10 Questions That Speak Volumes About Culture

​​To understand the culture within your department, you have to be willing to ask some hard questions.

Jan 19
​​Christopher Kelly Building a Better Auditor: When Faith Meets Fraud

​Houses of worship are not immune to fraud.

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