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Aug 15
Logan Wamsley Online exclusive: AI in the Public Sector

Auditors can help governments address AI requirements.

Jul 10
Neil Hodge Blazing New Business Trails

Emerging industries create new internal audit challenges.

Feb 21
Logan Wamsley Everyone’s Talking About ChatGPT

How will auditors leverage ChatGPT's capabilities?

Jan 18
Tim McCollum 5 Tech Trends Takeaways

IIA conference highlighted transformative power of innovation.

Dec 19
​Logan Wamsley The Value of Experience

​Hiring older workers can benefit financial firms.

Dec 09
​Logan Wamsley Auditing the Police

Audits can build trust in the police.

Digital Magazine

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Aug 08
Christine Janesko A Spectrum of Talent

The hidden strengths of neurodivergent employees.

Aug 08
Wade Cassels Digging Into DEI

Insight into DEI in practice.

Aug 08
Tim McCollum Editor's Note: Passing the Test

Auditors must be vigilant against evolving cyber threats.

Aug 08
The Institute of Internal Auditors Update: Data Skills Deficit

Reports explore analytics programs and disengaged employees.

Aug 08
Sally-Anne Pitt Think Different

Introducing The IIA's 2023–2024 Global Board Chair

Aug 08
Laura Harris Accessories to Theft

A store clerk fashions fictitious returns.


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May 17
Alex Rusate On the Frontlines: AI in 'IA'

Tips on using ChatGPT for Internal Audit.

Mar 28
JT Erwin Building a Better Auditor: Be Data Curious

Cultivate data curiosity to remain relevant.

Mar 02
The Institute of Internal Auditors On the Frontlines: David Helberg Talks Tech and Privacy Rights

A sneak peek from a GAM presenter.

Dec 30
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: 'Write Me a Report'

Can AI do your job?

Dec 14
​​Christopher Kelly On the Frontlines: Avoiding Cyber Hell

A gap analysis can help spot cyber vulnerabilities.

Oct 31
Milaim Abduraimi On the Frontlines: When to Involve the Board in Cybersecurity Risk

The board must be aware of cybersecurity risk.

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