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Feb 19
​Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: Risk Focus in Optimistic Times

Financial firms manage risk amid market gains.

Feb 02
Sakthiswaran Rangaraju Online Exclusive: Reporting Transformed

Using generative AI can enhance audit reporting.

Jan 12
​Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: The Standards Clock Starts Now

Government audit functions race to implement Standards.

Dec 26
Logan Wamsley Online Exclusive: Europe to Regulate AI

Banks face EU AI Act compliance challenge.

Nov 16
Neil Hodge Online Exclusive: Casinos Hacked

Cyber breaches prove costly for gaming companies.

Oct 10
Logan Wamsley Setting the Standard for Crypto

The FASB issues crypto asset standard.

Digital Magazine

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Jan 26
Israel Sadu Risk: Fraud Behind the Facade

Sustainability reports may miss climate-related fraud risks.

Jan 26
David Salierno The Big Idea: Benefiting Employee Needs

Employers adapt benefits to diverse workforce needs.

Jan 26
Neil Hodge The Standards at Work

Applying the Standards shows internal audit's value.

Jan 26
Abbas Al Lawati Tech: Navigating the Digital Seas

IT audits ensure technology operations are efficient.

Jan 26
​Arthur Piper The Five Domains: A Deep Dive

Exploring the structure of the new Standards.

Jan 26
The Institute of Internal Auditors Viewpoints: The View From Here

Michael Levy and Sally-Anne Pitt predict trends.


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Jan 16
Anthony Pugliese Voice of the CEO: Lessons From NYT’s AI Lawsuit

Organizations should protect their IP from AI.

Nov 27
Voice of the CEO: Lessons in Governance from OpenAI

Open AI's trouble are a lesson in Governance

Nov 21
Anthony Pugliese Voice of the CEO: Lessons in Governance From OpenAI

OpenAI's troubles are a lesson in governance.

Nov 01
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: This Was Written by a Human

Should one auditor write all audit reports?

Oct 30
Anthony Pugliese Voice of the CEO: What to Know About the White House’s Executive Order On AI

Five actions to take to be prepared.

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