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Apr 25
Kyle Kiider IAm Kyle Kiider

Kyle Kiider finds joy in travelling.

Mar 17
Heather Morrow IAm Heather Morrow

Raising children sharpens your negotiating skills.

Feb 06
Dana Lawrence IAm Dana Lawrence

Meet the incredibly inspiring Dana Lawrence.

Dec 16
Stephanie Ewell IAm Stephanie Ewell

An external auditor who loves internal audit.

Dec 12
Hussein ElKersh IAm Hussein ElKersh

Meet internal auditor and photographer, Hussein ElKersh.

Nov 29
Marc Eulerich IAm Marc Eulerich

​It's all about teamwork for Marc Eulerich.

On the Frontlines

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May 17
Alex Rusate On the Frontlines: AI in 'IA'

Tips on using ChatGPT for Internal Audit.

Apr 11
Beatrice Saredo Parodi On the Frontlines: Remote Workers Add Diversity

Ensuring opportunities for workers outside HQ.

Mar 27
Hussein ElKersh On the Frontlines: Risk Management for Projects

Risk management strategies from the construction industry.

Mar 14
Harold Silverman On the Frontlines: Internal Auditing is Back

The Pulse shows budgets and travel rebounding.

Mar 06
The Institute of Internal Auditors On the Frontlines: A 360-Approach to Cyber Risk

Understand what threats impact your particular business.

Mar 02
The Institute of Internal Auditors On the Frontlines: David Helberg Talks Tech and Privacy Rights

A sneak peek from a GAM presenter.

Building a Better Auditor

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May 26
Elizabeth Sullivan Building a Better Auditor: Making the Most of May

Educating stakeholders through special events.

May 04
Larry Kowlessar Building a Better Auditor: The Right Hand of Management

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month.

Apr 17
Adrian Romero Building a Better Auditor: Why Nominate an Emerging Leader?

Nominate an Emerging Leader Before May 12.

Mar 28
JT Erwin Building a Better Auditor: Be Data Curious

Cultivate data curiosity to remain relevant.

Feb 15
Hillel Judasin Building a Better Auditor: 'Tell Me Something I Didn't Know'

What senior leaders really want to know.

Feb 06
Jami Shine Building a Better Auditor: Questioning Test Results

Sometimes test results aren't what they seem.

Mind of Jacka

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May 22
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Staring Into Space

Analysis and innovation require some downtime.

May 18
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: A Most Important Trait

Dorothy's lion was on to something.

May 10
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: More 'Standardy' Goodness

New Standards emphasize training and vision.

Apr 25
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Objectivity and Independence

Independence remains important in the new Standards.

Mar 31
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: The Words We Write

The act of writing helps focus ideas.

Mar 28
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: The Change You Seek to Make

TED Talk rules apply to any communication.


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Jun 15
Internal Auditor Magazine Staff Destination Information

​ is the destination for all things internal auditing.

Feb 21
David Salierno The Big Idea; The Bots Are Coming, but Not From Where You'd Expect

Big technology ideas come from unexpected places.

Jan 29
The IIA Advice for Newcomers

Several 2019 Emerging Leaders offer their advice for those just entering the internal audit profession.

Jan 29
The IIA Transportation Risk: Cybersecurity

Audit executive and Internal Auditor “Risk Watch” contributing editor Rick Wright examines cyber risk in the supply chain.

Jan 29
The IIA Audit Innovation: Drivers and Practices

Fast-moving changes in today’s organizations are prompting the need for agile response and audit innovation. Julie Connors, CAE at Interpublic Group, discusses the many drivers behind those changes and what types of innovative practices she sees in the area of risk management.

Jan 29
The IIA The IIA's New Three Lines Model Part 1: The Basics

In Part 1 of this three-part series, Harold Silverman, Managing Director of CAE Services, and Jenitha John, The IIA’s Global Chairman, 2020–21, discuss the basics relating to the evolution of the Three Lines Model.

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