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Dec 16
Stephanie Ewell IAm Stephanie Ewell

An external auditor who loves internal audit.

Dec 12
Hussein ElKersh IAm Hussein ElKersh

Meet internal auditor and photographer, Hussein ElKersh.

Nov 29
Marc Eulerich IAm Marc Eulerich

​It's all about teamwork for Marc Eulerich.

Oct 19
Tamar Davitaia IAm Tamar Davitaia

A Georgian auditor describes her adventurous life.

Oct 06
Mireille Harnois IAm Mireille Harnois

​Mireille Harnois loves to give back.

Sep 21
Tomasz Smolarek IAm Tomasz Smolarek

For Tomasz Smolarek, life is about balance.

On the Frontlines

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Jan 25
Anthony Pugliese Richard F. Chambers On the Frontlines: The Hard Lessons of FTX

Bad corporate culture can demolish a company.

Jan 10
Mat Young On the Frontlines: Advancing Advocacy at The IIA

Learn more about The IIA's Advocacy program.

Jan 06
Brian Tremblay On the Frontlines: Gauging the Board’s Cyber Expertise

SEC expects more expertise from the board.

Dec 14
​​Christopher Kelly On the Frontlines: Avoiding Cyber Hell

A gap analysis can help spot cyber vulnerabilities.

Nov 15
​​​Maja ​​Milosavljevic On the Frontlines: Auditing Without Evidence in Ethics Cases

How to audit word-of-mouth wrongdoing.

Oct 31
Milaim Abduraimi On the Frontlines: When to Involve the Board in Cybersecurity Risk

The board must be aware of cybersecurity risk.

Building a Better Auditor

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Jan 17
Mike Royal Building a Better Auditor: Words Matter

For all type of diversity, words matter.

Dec 29
Chifundo Biliwita Building a Better Auditor: Transparent and Collaborative Auditing

Being transparent can help ease client fears.

Dec 05
Beatrice Saredo Parodi Building a Better Auditor: We Are Social Animals

​The importance of those lost 'coffee chats.'

Oct 25
Chifundo Biliwita Building a Better Auditor: Four Things Freshman Internal Auditors Should Know

​Strategies for building rapport with the business.

Oct 03
Irina Stefanova Building a Better Auditor: Gaining Fresh Perspectives from Mentorships and Networking

​Becoming a better auditor through peer relationships.

Sep 13
Brian Jackson Building a Better Auditor: Getting More Out of Every Conversation

How including the audit client reaps rewards.

Mind of Jacka

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Jan 30
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Seven Words, Plus Two

Should some audit phrases be retired?

Jan 18
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Content Dictates Form

What auditors can learn from a Broadway lyricist.

Jan 09
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Fill in the Blanks

​Technology can spur innovation — or new ruts.

Dec 30
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: 'Write Me a Report'

Can AI do your job?

Dec 19
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: An Audit of the North Pole

Auditors take on Santa and the elves.

Dec 19
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: A Holiday Story

The power of story helps solidify teams.


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Jun 15
Internal Auditor Magazine Staff Destination Information

​ is the destination for all things internal auditing.

Feb 21
David Salierno The Big Idea; The Bots Are Coming, but Not From Where You'd Expect

Big technology ideas come from unexpected places.

Jan 29
The IIA Advice for Newcomers

Several 2019 Emerging Leaders offer their advice for those just entering the internal audit profession.

Jan 29
The IIA Transportation Risk: Cybersecurity

Audit executive and Internal Auditor “Risk Watch” contributing editor Rick Wright examines cyber risk in the supply chain.

Jan 29
The IIA Audit Innovation: Drivers and Practices

Fast-moving changes in today’s organizations are prompting the need for agile response and audit innovation. Julie Connors, CAE at Interpublic Group, discusses the many drivers behind those changes and what types of innovative practices she sees in the area of risk management.

Jan 29
The IIA The IIA's New Three Lines Model Part 1: The Basics

In Part 1 of this three-part series, Harold Silverman, Managing Director of CAE Services, and Jenitha John, The IIA’s Global Chairman, 2020–21, discuss the basics relating to the evolution of the Three Lines Model.

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