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Aug 05
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: It's the End of the World as We Know It

Put aside that lizard brain that hates change.

Jul 20
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Empty Seats, Training, and Root Cause

​Uncovering root cause is an important step.

Jul 20
Deepak Byrappa On the Frontlines: A New Era of Social Media Risk

Social media influencers can pose ethics risks.

Jul 13
Edgardo Alifano En primera línea: la cosa más importante que los auditores internos no hacen

Vamos a empezar por recordarnos la misión de la auditoria interna: mejorar y proteger el valor de la organización proporcionando seguridad, asesoramiento y conocimientos objetivos y basados en el riesgo.

Jul 05
Ray Kantor Building a Better Auditor: The Happy, Non-traditional Internal Auditor

​How auditors can add value in non-traditional ways.

Jun 15
Jeffrey Ridley On the Frontlines: Acting on ESG Risk

​Acting on ESG requires a collaborative effort.

Digital Magazine

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Mar 09
Jami Shine Seth Peterson Getting Personal

​Building relationships can improve internal audit effectiveness.

Feb 28
Anthony Pugliese CEO Message: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

For every disruption, we've discovered a new opportunity.

Feb 21
Israel Sadu Advancing Climate Action

The organization's climate change journey.

Feb 21
Neil Hodge A Brave New World

Organizations are adjusting to a different work environment

Feb 21
Anna Kon Going Green

​Contradicting data leads to fraud at a biomass plant.

Feb 21
Diane Sears Attracting the Next Generation

​Passing the torch to the next generation.


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Jun 15
Internal Auditor Magazine Staff Destination Information

​ is the destination for all things internal auditing.

Feb 21
David Salierno The Big Idea; The Bots Are Coming, but Not From Where You'd Expect

Big technology ideas come from unexpected places.

Jan 29
The IIA Advice for Newcomers

Several 2019 Emerging Leaders offer their advice for those just entering the internal audit profession.

Jan 29
The IIA Transportation Risk: Cybersecurity

Audit executive and Internal Auditor “Risk Watch” contributing editor Rick Wright examines cyber risk in the supply chain.

Jan 29
The IIA Audit Innovation: Drivers and Practices

Fast-moving changes in today’s organizations are prompting the need for agile response and audit innovation. Julie Connors, CAE at Interpublic Group, discusses the many drivers behind those changes and what types of innovative practices she sees in the area of risk management.

Jan 29
The IIA The IIA's New Three Lines Model Part 1: The Basics

In Part 1 of this three-part series, Harold Silverman, Managing Director of CAE Services, and Jenitha John, The IIA’s Global Chairman, 2020–21, discuss the basics relating to the evolution of the Three Lines Model.

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