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Sep 05
Ricardo Araya IAm Richardo Araya

Meet Ricardo Araya, an athlete and auditor.

Aug 08
Hansha Khoosy IAm Hansha Khoosy

Traveling is Hansha Khoosy's passion.

Jul 18
Steve Sokol IAm Steve Sokol

Meet avid travel planner, Steve Sokol.

Jun 05
Renato Trisciuzzi IAm Renato Trisciuzzi

A healthy diet transformed Renato Trisciuzzi's life.

Apr 25
Kyle Kiider IAm Kyle Kiider

Kyle Kiider finds joy in travelling.

Mar 17
Heather Morrow IAm Heather Morrow

Raising children sharpens your negotiating skills.

On the Frontlines

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Aug 07
David J. O'Regan On the Frontlines: The Audit Implosion

The shift from external to internal auditing.

Jul 20
Tahsinur Rahim On the Frontlines: Beyond the Findings

What 'no findings' could mean.

Jul 03
Peter Blokland On The Frontlines: The Role of ISO 31000 in Risk Management

An interview with IC Speaker Peter Blokland.

Jun 16
Jon Taber On the Frontlines: Labyrinth Threads in Board Dynamics

Tips on being a hero with the board.

May 24
Mohamed Tarek El Gabry On the Frontlines: Patterns in Fraud

Overlooked areas can create opportunities for fraud.

May 17
Alex Rusate On the Frontlines: AI in 'IA'

Tips on using ChatGPT for Internal Audit.

Building a Better Auditor

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Sep 18
David Hill Building a Better Auditor: In Defense of Remote Auditing

David Hill defends remote auditing.

Aug 28
John Hills Building a Better Auditor: Benefits of an EQA

An EQA reveals both strengths and weaknesses.

Aug 14
Mahmoud Hassan Building a Better Auditor: Audit Generalist vs. Specialist

Developing an audit specialty can bring rewards.

Jul 28
Noora Al Marri Building a Better Auditor: Why Internal Audit Needs a Strategic Plan

Why have an internal audit strategic plan?

Jul 10
Frank Holloman Building a Better Auditor: The Building Blocks

The four skills to build.

May 26
Elizabeth Sullivan Building a Better Auditor: Making the Most of May

Educating stakeholders through special events.

Mind of Jacka

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Sep 19
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Why or Why Not

Looking at both sides of change.

Aug 28
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Where’s My Seat?

You need a seat at the table.

Aug 22
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Get Off My Lawn

Jacka explains the drawbacks of remote auditing.

Aug 08
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: My Mind is Made Up

The power of honest, humble listening.

Jul 31
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: Yearning

A call to inspire employees and stakeholders.

Jul 26
Mike Jacka Mind of Jacka: False Deadlines

Eliminating arbitrary deadlines can improve quality.


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Jun 15
Internal Auditor Magazine Staff Destination Information

​ is the destination for all things internal auditing.

Feb 21
David Salierno The Big Idea; The Bots Are Coming, but Not From Where You'd Expect

Big technology ideas come from unexpected places.

Jan 29
The IIA Advice for Newcomers

Several 2019 Emerging Leaders offer their advice for those just entering the internal audit profession.

Jan 29
The IIA Transportation Risk: Cybersecurity

Audit executive and Internal Auditor “Risk Watch” contributing editor Rick Wright examines cyber risk in the supply chain.

Jan 29
The IIA Audit Innovation: Drivers and Practices

Fast-moving changes in today’s organizations are prompting the need for agile response and audit innovation. Julie Connors, CAE at Interpublic Group, discusses the many drivers behind those changes and what types of innovative practices she sees in the area of risk management.

Jan 29
The IIA The IIA's New Three Lines Model Part 1: The Basics

In Part 1 of this three-part series, Harold Silverman, Managing Director of CAE Services, and Jenitha John, The IIA’s Global Chairman, 2020–21, discuss the basics relating to the evolution of the Three Lines Model.

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