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10 Questions About the New Three Lines Model

Online Exclusives ​Robert Perez Oct 13, 2020

IIA Global Board Chair Jenitha John discusses The Institute’s journey to build a model for the 21st century.

​Volunteers who helped shape The IIA’s recently published Three Lines Model realized early on they had two formidable tasks to accomplish. First, they had to create a model that clearly and simply articulates key roles in effective governance. Second, the new model had to improve the original Three Lines of Defense model, which has become deeply ingrained in modern risk management practices, regulatory processes, and laws around the world. As the leader of the working group assigned to the project, IIA Global Board Chair Jenitha John understood the challenges and the stakes involved.

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​Robert Perez

Robert Perez is senior manager, Content Development and Delivery, for The IIA in Lake Mary, Fla.