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Global Perspectives and Insights: Three Lines Model and Compliance

Global Perspectives and Insights Mark Carawan Dec 27, 2021

​Global Perspectives and Insights that examines the role of compliance within The IIA's Three Lines Model

​This paper is designed to bring clarity to the relationship bewteen internal audit and compliance in the context of The IIA's Three Lines Model.

Global Perspectives & Insights

Internal Audit and Compliance: Clarity and collaboration for stronger governance

The relationship between internal audit and compliance is sometimes unclear, giving rise to important questions: Can internal audit have responsibility for compliance? Is a compliance function responsible for all compliance across an organization? As a chief audit executive, is it OK to be in charge of compliance?

This paper is designed to help bring clarity to these complexities and avoid confusion, gaps, and unnecessary duplication. Clear understanding is essential, collaboration is strongly encouraged, and the independence of internal audit is fundamentally important.

Mark Carawan