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The Lucrative Library Fraud​

Online Exclusives ​Michael Yamma, FE, ​Brian Molloy, JD, CIA, CGAP, CFE Mar 02, 2021

Auditors uncover a city employee’s 12-year scam to buy, steal, and resell printer toner for profit.

This is a very surprising allegation,” said the library manager during an interview with auditors. When the Office of the City Auditor in Austin, Texas, initially looked into an accusation that a staff member of the Austin Public Library was buying printer toner with the library’s credit card and reselling it out of his garage, library staff reported that nothing appeared to be particularly out of place. The auditors were repeatedly told that Randall Whited, the accounting associate who, according to auditors, allegedly stole at least $1.3 million in printer toner while employed with the library, was very well liked.

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​Michael Yamma, FE

​Michael Yamma is a senior investigator in the Office of the City Auditor for Austin, TX.

​Brian Molloy, JD, CIA, CGAP, CFE

​Brian Molloy is chief of investigations in the Office of the City Auditor for Austin, TX.