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​DEI: Key to Strategy and Competitiveness

Online Exclusives Lauressa Nelson May 20, 2021

Internal auditors should help organizations consider a strategy that positions diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to business success.

​Building diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into organizational strategy has gained ground as a significant competitive advantage, because it indicates an organization's commitment to be transparent and accountable to its employees and customers and to take on social responsibility. A DEI strategy, complete with measurable outcomes and accountability, enhances the perception of an organization's trustworthiness and increases its ability to compete for employees and customers. Internal auditors, as providers of risk-based assurance and proactive advice, should help organizations consider both opportunities and risks associated with developing DEI strategies, goals, and metrics.

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Lauressa Nelson


Lauressa Nelson is a Content Writer and Technical Editor, Standards and Professional Knowledge.