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On the Frontlines: An Auditor's Reflections on Afghanistan

Articles Kamal Uddin Gazi Jishan, CIA, CRMA Sep 15, 2021

​In 2017, I worked for an international development organization that was headquartered in Bangladesh, with operations in nine countries

That year, our chief audit executive (CAE) assigned me to a country office audit in Afghanistan. With the recent news of the fall of Afghanistan's government following the withdrawal of U.S. troops, I reflect upon my unique adventure as an internal auditor during those days.

As my flight descended on Kabul, I could see scattered greenery and the disorderly placement of houses and buildings through the land and mountains. Upon arrival, my internal audit team were welcomed by fine weather and a nice climate. We observed people busy with day-to-day errands and children playing in the streets.

Kamal Uddin Gazi Jishan, CIA, CRMA

Kamal Uddin Gazi Jishan is internal audit manager at Ali Bin Ali in Doha, Qatar, and a 2018 Internal Auditor magazine Emerging Leader.