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IAm Hansha Khoosy

Blogs Hansha Khoosy, CIA Aug 08, 2023

It was through my job that I discovered a love of travel. I look forward to taking trips during my time off from work and tend to dedicate free time to family vacations. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled the world and visited 21 countries so far. I’m always captivated by the unique atmosphere found in Latin American countries — from the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro, to the rich and diverse fl avors of Colombian cuisine, to the fascinating architectures of Buenos Aires.

Whether it’s tasting exotic cuisines such as tamales in Mexico and delicious Trdelník in Prague, immersing in local traditions, or simply marveling at iconic landmarks, every moment spent on the road has been fi lled with excitement and wonder. Internal audit gave me wings to fl y. Although I had a predetermined path to work for a Big Four fi rm and become a fi nance professional, after discovering internal audit, I haven’t looked back. Because my daughter is a pandemic baby, my aim is to begin sharing family adventures and my love for traveling with her very soon.


Hansha Khoosy, CIA

Hansha Khoosy, CIA, is Senior Manager of internal audit at IQ-EQ in Port Louis, Mauritius.