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IAm Phillip W. Hurd

Blogs Phillip W. Hurd, CIA, CCEP Dec 11, 2023

With over 25 years in internal auditing, few would know I am a technologist and a “maker” (someone who visualizes a concept and then brings it to reality). I am proficient in programming, 3D printing, and laser fabrication via computer numerical control machines. 3D printing uses special plastic, metal, wood, resin, and other materials to fabricate three-dimensional objects layer by layer.

Because one’s imagination is the only limit, I have used 3D printing and other skills to build solar tracking devices, hovercrafts, cutting lasers, augmented reality smart glasses, car parts, and drones. I am currently 3D-printing a high-accuracy, laser-guided telescope. Additionally, I am working on designing a 3D printer big enough to fabricate car bumpers and ground effect kits for cars. I like to keep some of the structures I make and sell the others. 

Using technology daily in these creative and unique ways keeps my mind sharp and helps me visualize solutions to complex problems. I often share this thought with people I work with: Whatever the mind can conceive can be achieved.

Phillip W. Hurd, CIA, CCEP

Phillip W. Hurd is the chief audit and compliance executive at the University of Houston System in Houston.