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IAm Dominique Vincenti

Blogs Dominique Vincenti, CIA, CRMA Feb 21, 2022

When I was growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut, a symphony orchestra conductor, a comedian/actress, a spy, an ambassador, a dancer, a writer, a chef, a magician, a president, a resort manager, a historian, a rock/pop singer, an Olympic swimmer, and an airline station manager, all at the same time, and I still do. Thank God I found internal auditing, which for nearly 30 years now has allowed me to quench my thirst for adventure, curiosity, diversity, creativity, innovation, fun, and leadership, and have the most extraordinary human encounters and experiences from the mailroom to the boardroom around the world.

Do not ask me what my preferred book, my preferred food, my preferred film, my favorite game, my favorite sports, or my preferred music is. I hate to be forced to choose — and why should I? I love it all, and I cultivate it all.

My fuel: the unconditional love of my parents, of my in-laws, and of my extraordinary husband. “Ma raison de vivre” and who I would die for: my children, Ana and Nathan.


Vice President, Internal Audit, CIA, CRMA
IIA Member since 1994
San Francisco Chapter

Dominique Vincenti, CIA, CRMA

Dominique Vincenti is chief audit executive at Uber Technologies Inc. in San Francisco.