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#IAm Leticia Lucas

Blogs Leticia Lucas, CIA, CISA, CFSA, CFE Jul 14, 2022

I would be lying if I said I always wanted to be an auditor. I guess I wanted to be everything but an auditor. To be fully honest, I ended up being an auditor because I did not really know what I wanted and because I decided to try a profession where I could easily change if I realized it was not the right choice. Yet, internal audit fit well with who I am — someone who is always eager to learn different things and work on a diversity of topics.

And as I cannot have a dull moment, I decided to volunteer, joining the board of IIA-Luxembourg almost eight years ago and becoming chair in 2018. Volunteering at The IIA gives me additional insight into the profession — like being backstage. It enables me to meet people outside of my industry, take part in projects like events organization (the IIA-Luxembourg organized the ECIIA conference in 2019), and advocate for the profession.

But my biggest passion lies elsewhere. For the last couple of years, I have been a rugby coach for children. At home, rugby is an important part of my life — my husband used to play and is a coach, my two sons play, and weekends are packed with games on TV or going to the see the kids play.

For me, it all started when I began accompanying my kids to their rugby matches. I just could not stand near the pitch watching them play without participating and getting involved — it was just not possible. And although I never played myself and knew almost nothing about the sport, I decided to give it a go and take rugby coaching training sessions. Eventually, I got my rugby coaching certificate. Now I am a founder and president of a new rugby club here in Luxembourg, and I coach 4- to 8-year-old kids. I love to see how kids evolve thanks to rugby — how they learn the importance of teamwork and how they develop their confidence, leadership, creativity, and decision-making while having fun. I like the idea that I am somehow contributing to the adults they will become.

In simple terms, rugby is a team sport and can be played in different variations (with 15 players, with seven players, with contact, without contact) — there is something for everyone. Rugby as we know nowadays, started in the city of Rugby in England where a student, William Webb Ellis, picked up a ball with his hands and started running during a football game. 

What is great about rugby is that, even from a young age, kids understand quite quickly the importance of teamwork, communication, and respect of others. Rugby is not an easy sport; the rules are quite complicated and there is an important strategic dimension to the game. This helps in building grit, determination, and resilience.

I love challenges, and that is what gives me energy. Trying to do things everyone would normally think is not possible motivates me. Never tell me I cannot do something — I will prove you the contrary!

Leticia Lucas, CIA, CISA, CFSA, CFE

Head of Internal Audit at European Stability Mechanism and President of IIA Luxembourg, based in Luxembourg.

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