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#IAm Meghan Boyd

Blogs Meghan Boyd, CIA, CISA May 05, 2022

Internal audit fell into my lap, though it truly fit me. Most of my undergraduate studies were in the engineering field — I decided late in the game to switch to business school. Internal audit must have been mentioned somewhere along the way, but I did not give it much thought. I'm forever grateful that in my first professional job, I ended up with a leader who saw me and sent me to auditor training.  As it turned out, internal audit has been the foundation of my 17-year career.

Never Stop Learning

I've always had a passion for continuous learning. At age 4, I was operating a Commodore 64, and thereafter, I explored every new technology by clicking on every available button. As a child, I loved school and was known to ask questions like, "How do the gears work at the end of Disney Skyway?" That desire to learn and improve also translated into sports as I progressed through years of softball and eventually volleyball.

At that first internal audit training, I heard about the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification and dove in. Just before the exam, Hurricane Wilma hit in my area; I studied with a flashlight in the dark with no air conditioning, but I succeeded. Later I desired more accounting knowledge to go farther with my work and earned my second masters. The technology I've adopted and my adventures in internal audit have now landed me an awesome spot where I get to support controls and compliance software every day.

On the Road

My family's love of learning can be seen in our choices of vacations, too. Everywhere in the U.S. my family travels, we always check to see what national park sites are nearby and try to visit. There are 423 national parks in the U.S. right now, and so far, we've visited 30. Several are in our home state of Florida, including Biscayne National Park and the Dry Tortugas, both of which require getting on a boat. 

The Dry Tortugas is a trip that requires months of planning and a 70-mile trip from Key West for the day. Lincoln's assassins lived there, along with other Civil War prisoners. Biscayne National Park is near Homestead, a good launch point for the Everglades. The islands out in Biscayne used to be owned by some notorious people, and it was very close to being populated and monetized, but conservationists saved it. At national parks, there are always amazing new things to learn, while supporting our children through junior ranger activities.

The Power of Connection

An unexpected pattern emerged in my adult life — event planning. In my role at a vision company, I organized two national training conferences for employees from across the U.S. During that time, I also was a volunteer director for a volleyball league for more than 300 kids. At two successive organizations, I volunteered on the Earth Day team and coordinated Earth Day events for employees to attend. In my neighborhood, I organized annual Halloween parties for about 400 attendees. I was also asked to join my local IIA board, where we do training events. The joy that comes from planning and participating in events is in creating a place for human connection and learning.

I enjoy connecting people to solutions or to other people who can advise them. At local IIA events and through volunteering, you can find those connections and solutions for challenges you face. Informal connections have opened many doors for me, including a software solution for a specific problem and an overseas speaking engagement.

One Step at a Time

Are you inspired to learn something new in the coming year? Approach your next audit differently? Connecting more or volunteering to support connection? As for me, I'm looking forward to learning more about nēnē and volcanoes on my first visit to Hawaii. See you on the audit trail!

Meghan Boyd, CIA, CISA

Meghan Boyd is a business controls system administrator for Carrier in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.