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IAm Dana Lawrence

Articles Dana Lawrence, CIA, CRMA, CFSA, CAMS Feb 06, 2023

Early in my career, I struggled to speak up in team meetings. Yet, I saw leaders in my field who were great public speakers. I felt like I would never have that ability.

A naturally shy person, I started my journey toward public speaking confidence with baby steps. I sought out mentors and introduced speakers at my local IIA chapter. I said yes to panels and small presentations, even though I was terrified. I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave back to the community through service.

These little actions added up over time. Eight years later, I now thrive on exchanging ideas and engaging with other professionals. I share my voice with confidence, and it benefits all facets of my professional life — from team meetings, to board meetings, to difficult discussions.

My journey culminated in my serving as emcee of The IIA and ISACA’s 2022 GRC Conference. I want all auditors to know that growth is absolutely possible. Fear is a green light for opportunity.

I’m rooting for you!

Dana Lawrence, CIA, CRMA, CFSA, CAMS

Director of Fintech Compliance, Pacific West Bank & Advisor, Fideseo, Portland