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IAm Steve Sokol

Blogs Steve Sokol, CIA, CPA, CFE Jul 19, 2023


I’ve been an auditor for over 20 years, but I've learned from experience this line bombs at parties.

I am happiest when I have at least two major trips in the planning phase and when I can make my two teen daughters laugh. I am riding high as a dad these days; I just got back from taking them to the Taylor Swift Eras tour in Denver, Colorado. Acquiring tickets required planning, patience, and a bit of luck — all skills I've picked up as a long-time auditor.

If we ever meet in person, we will swap travel stories; I always have an ambitious travel agenda. I also might try to add you on Instagram so you can see my attempts at outdoor adventure. 

IAm-Steve-Sokol_SSS-family-skiing_695x458.jpgI grew up in Utah in a skiing family. After college, I moved to Southern California, took a break from skiing, and then spent the ensuing years starting a career and raising small children. About 10 years ago, having returned to Utah, my manager encouraged me to get back on the slopes. So, I did, with my wife and eventually my kids too. It's been the greatest thing — a sort of second childhood. I recommend revisiting sports or activities from youth, even if they lead to a torn ACL.  

As a profound introvert, I've been a reluctant leader. Somehow, I have managed to emerge as a leader professionally and personally. I am known in my circles as a complex vacation planner and leader for dozens of friends and families. My record was planning an extensive summer road trip for 14 families that included river rafting, a tour through Dinosaur National Monument, and hiking in the surrounding mountains. I'm pleased to report that we didn't lose a single person on this trip — and everyone was still friends afterwards.

These recreational leadership entanglements, though often a headache for me, have paid a big dividend. As a family, we've have deepened relationships, made memories, and shared unique learning experiences — the kind of education that only travel can offer.


I've been lucky to have had several chances to visit the island of Maui in Hawaii. Last year, I wanted to go rowing with one of the local clubs. I took my spouse, kids, and of course a few neighbors from Utah, out with the Kihei Canoe Club. There is nothing more relaxing than a morning row with a team of folks who love it as much as you do. Life is too short to wait for retirement to travel, play, and be with the people you love.

Steve Sokol, CIA, CPA, CFE

Steve Sokol, CIA, CPA, CFE, is the internal audit director at Swire Coca-Cola, USA, based in Salt Lake City.