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IAm Yulia Gurman

Blogs Yulia Gurman, CPA, CIA Oct 31, 2023

As we all know, the internal audit profession is very demanding and requires frequent travel, which impacts how much time we get to spend with family. Being a mom of two girls, I try to spend as much time as possible with them when I’m not traveling for work. I am always looking for something interesting and fun for us to do when they are not in school. I have always taken them to playgrounds, play dates, and other activities, but one place we kept going back to be the local Kohl Children’s Museum. 

Initially, I thought of it as a fun place where the girls could enjoy themselves. The museum has a lot of different areas where the kids can play, including a grocery store where they could be a shopper, cashier, or general store employee. There’s also a music room, nursery, veterinary clinic, and an art studio.

After a few visits to the museum, I realized my daughters were not only playing but they also were learning quite a bit through play — basic science, art techniques, physics, and social interaction. I started learning more about the Kohl Children’s Museum, how each program is created and how much time and knowledge is invested into every program. I discovered that children learn the most between ages two and seven, which is why giving them as many opportunities to learn in a fun way is crucial for their further development and success.

The museum is a not-for-profit organization, and its only funding comes from membership fees and donations. The museum offers volunteer and fundraising opportunities, and I was eager to help expand the program offerings and community outreach.

Eventually, I joined the Board of Trustees so I could help the museum in a more meaningful way. Working closely with the museum leadership team, I realized many parents in different communities can’t physically or financially afford to take their kids to the museum. So, we developed several programs to help those families, including a “mobile” and pop-up museum concept that brings the museum to various neighborhoods.

Serving on the Board is a challenging and rewarding experience. I like to give back by bringing my financial expertise as an internal auditor and practical approach to new programs as a mom of two girls within the community. I help to raise awareness about what the museum does and the financial support needed from donors and members. I look forward to seeing exciting new exhibits and programs that are in the works.

Yulia Gurman, CPA, CIA

Yulia Gurman, CPA, CIA is vice president of internal audit and corporate security at Packaging Corporation of America, Inc. in Lake Forest, IL