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IAm Dina Marie Lam

Articles Dina Marie Lam, CIA, CISA Jun 10, 2024

Our effectiveness as human-centered internal auditors is not only defined by our technical expertise, but also by the unique blend of hidden talents we bring to the table. For me, those talents have led me in different directions while always bringing me back to the profession I love.

I began my audit career at PwC. I later did a stint at Disney, where I opened a candy store in honor of my beloved grandfather. This hinted at a future for me where creativity and business intertwined.

 In 2015, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts degree to satisfy my passion for clothing design. Nominated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, I debuted my first collection at New York Fashion Week in 2017. It was an experience that showed me the boundless possibilities of my abilities.

Today, I am married with two children, and I reentered the world of internal auditing. After hours, I’m writing two books for children: an herbal nutrition recipe book (as I am a certified herbalist) and Addy the Internal Auditor.

Dina Marie Lam, CIA, CISA

Dina Marie Lam, is associate director, risk advisory and assurance at Revance Therapeutics in Richmond, Calif.